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litterascripta's Journal

Littera Scripta
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"Littera scripta" literally means "the written word."

This community hasn't an earth shattering aim or a world bettering purpose. It is merely a place where people are able to discuss aspects of literature (both fiction and nonfiction of any genre or creed) with individuals who share the same interests.

A few things to know before joining:
1. Many members of this community will be slash fanfiction writers and/or readers. Does that mean that you must be a slasher in order to join and post? Of course not. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Be this fair warning, however, in case the topic steers toward slash.
2. There will not be heavy-handed modding here. Let me repeat: there will be no heavy-handed modding. All members are expected to display common courtesy and respect. Discussion and debate are encouraged, but flames are not.
3. Off topic posts (aka, "Join my new community that I just x-posted to ten billion other communities!" or "Wow, I think I just ate a bug!") will not be permitted. What categorizes an off topic post? If the majority of your post does not include thoughts pertaining to books, it is off topic.
4. Welcome posts (aka, "Hi, my name is Gabby, books ROOL, here are a few of my favorites..."), however, are permitted.
5. Have fun!

This page is subject to change.

If there are any questions or suggestions concerning this community, the moderator, gabbyhope, may be contacted via email at: yllosubmarine@yahoo.com