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Angels and Demons

I just finished Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It was..interesting. On one hand, it hit every button I have ever had on the subject of religious iconography, the Vatican and the Illuminati (my only religious leanings. heh.), was quite factual and I couldn't put it down. I may have even done a little dance when my Significant Other vetoed going out because that meant I could curl up in an armchair and read for the evening. omg. I just lost out on SO time for a book. wtf!

But on the other hand, the ending of the book really threw me out. It just didn't make sense to me from a plot point of view, as it all just got confusing, when the end is normally for tying up the loose ends and making people go "oh, man. I can't believe I didn't spot that!". It probably didn't help that I was partly spolit as I'd already started to unravel the the twist somewhere in the middle of the book.

[Tangent: does anyone else do that in thrillers? Start unravelling the twist and then ignoring it because you want to read the book without going "Hah! Was so right!" at the end? Or is it just me? Sometimes it's not even concious, just something happens and it all starts collecting in the back of your mind.]

I'm planning on reading the 'Da Vinci Code' even though I have a suspicion I'm going to have similar problems with the story. But with any luck, it'll also let me repeat the feat of sinking into a book for hours. That feeling is rare enough to treasure and if it's as interesting and informative as Angel and Demons, I'll be happy.
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