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several questions regarding Murdoch and McGregor

Long time, no interest! I'm in a rather bookish mood (I personally blame spending one incredibly short hour staggering around inside the massive Waterstones in Oxford yesterday) and thought I'd throw some questions this way for a few trustworthy opinions.

- Has anyone read Iris Murdoch? There has been great interest in her work ever since the film Iris came out several years back, which I love, but I've yet to pick up a novel and give it a go. I've heard she's difficult to read. Any recs, impressions, and/or testimonies?


- A friend of mine has been trying to push Jon McGregor's If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things onto me, but I'm afraid that it may be, well, unremarkable what with the allegedly nameless entities. In a way it sounds similar to Plainsong, a novel that I read over the summer and found somewhat dull. If you've happened to read the formerly mentioned novel, what did you think? Worth a shot?

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