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Latest reading

Some authors are like security blanket for me. Like that piece of fabric I had as a child that meant comfort and security. Lilian Jackson Braun is my favorite security blanket author.

I read her latest "The cat who talked turkey" and immediately felt like I was visiting an old friend. Her serie "The cat who" is one of my all time favorite. They are not intellectual mysteries, more like light fluff mysteries. The who done it plot is never really that important but the whole social structure of Moose County, this 400 miles north of everywhere, is fantastic reading. Like a Northern exposure type of humor and weirdness.

Every new book is like a new chapter in the ever evolving life in Moose County. This one in particular focused on the 200 anniversary of the foundation of the village of Brrr (appropriately named of course).

Of course for cat lovers, Koko and Yum Yum, the siameses of Qwill, the main character are lots of fun.

If you haven't read any of the books you might want to start with The cat who could read backwards and go on from there. I found that they are like catnip you can't help yourself to the next and the next.

Do you have a security blanket author? One you are almost certain won't disappoint you?
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