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Impulse reading

I do this. A lot. Probably because of the work I do but also because books for me are what clothes are to others.

I checked "impulse" in Webster's (since english is not my first language). It goes: a propensity or natural tendency usually other than rational.

It's basically what I end up doing. My last impulse reading came via a comment about Billy Boyd's new movie. Yeah, it was an fangirl impulse. They aren't usually but this one was. His new movie is supposed to be the adaptation of Alain De Botton "On love". So there I was reading this information and went.. humm.. I want to read that. I did.

Usually my impulse books are hit and miss. This one is a good hit. It's funny, it's interesting. How are they gonna turn that book into a movie? Don't know, but it has potential they did do it for Bridget Jones' diary.

So my question is do you impulse read?
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